Luck is a provocative and whimsical story of Joe, the worlds luckiest man. Joe can choose when he is lucky and when he is not.

At the beginning of the story Joe is homeless and living on the streets and decides to be lucky again, but only if he can persuade 10 strangers to do 10 good deeds....

Directed by Bafta winner Liviu Tipurita, the film shot for 14 weeks in London and stars Tom Radcliffe, Gary Condes, Ty Glaser and Simon Furness.

White Lie is a tense thriller starring David Birkin and Paul Bandey and tells the story of a young writer who has his novel stolen by his mentorProduced by Balagan Productions and French Company Heska Productions the film premiered in 2013 and is currently screening around the world.
Booked Out is the feature debut of Bryan O’Neil and is a whimsical love story starring Rollo Weeks, Claire Garvey and Sylvia Sims. The Film was produced by Balagan Productions and premiered in Cinemas in 2012 before enjoying a successful cinema and DVD release.
Re-Uniting The Rubins is a black comedy about a completely dysfunctional Jewish Family. The film shot in London and South Africa and was produced by Balagan Productions.
With a spectacular cast including Oscar Nominee Timothy Spall, Rhona Mitra, James Callis, Blake Harrison and Honor Blackman the film enjoyed American & UK Cinemas releases and now regularly screens on TV around the world.
In Your Dreams is a comedy about a neurotic dentist played by Dexter Fletcher who suddenly gets the power of premonition which he uses to engineer his disastrous love life.

Directed by Gary Sinyor (Leon The Pig Farmer & The Bachelor) and Produced by Jonathan Weissler and Sir David Frost the film boasts a fantastic cast including Dexter Fletcher, Linda Hamilton, Susan George and Parminda Nagra.
Irina Palm stars legendary actress and singer Marianne Faithful who plays Irina, a lonely 50 year old woman who gets a job in the London sex industry and unwittingly becomes a huge hit on the underground sex scene.

Jonathan Weissler served as UK Production Supervisor on the film which shot in London, Luxumberg & Germany.
The Bubble is an ensemble comedy about the loves and lives of a group of young Israeli’s living in Tel Aviv.

Directed by Eytan Fox the film was a controversial hit upon its cinema release.

Jonathan served as Production Consultant on the film.
Blue Blood is a hard hitting and enlightening feature length documentary about the annual Cambridge verses Oxford University Boxing Match. Directed by Stevan Riley the film played to cinema success.

Produced with BBC Storyville, the film played to cinematic success. Balagan productions served as Production Consultant on the film.
Nobody Knows My Name is a remarkable award winning documentary telling the true story of former Civil Rights Activist and Black Panther George Brown who in 1972 hijacked a plane from USA to Algeria to join exiled Black Panthers and along the way collected $1,000,000 ransom, then the biggest ever paid to date.

Balagan Productions served as Production Consultant on the film supporting this important story along the way and ensuring the film was completed..
Against All Odds is an epic $20m 10 hour miniseries telling the story of Israel’s from King Solomon through to The 6 Day War and the present day.

Shot in Israel over 6 months, often in remote and challenging Desert Locations the shoot encompassed massive logistics including 150 Horses, Tanks, 800 Extras and over 4000 costumes!.
Life, Translated is a comedy about a Chinese Girl and her adventures at a Snooty English Boarding School.

The film shot in Shanghai and London the film stars Chinese Superstar Edison Chen and Jennifer Li and directed by Keifer Liu. History was made as this was the time a western producer had produced a native Chinese movie.

The film was a hit upon its Chinese cinema release and was one of the first films of the new, burgeoning Chinese film industry.
My Wife is 18 is a smash hit Hong Kong Comedy about a marriage of Convenience that becomes real love separated by 10,000 miles.
Starring Hong Kong Superstars Charlene Choi and Ekin Cheng the film shot in London and Hong Kong.

Directed by James Yuen and written by Hing Ka Chan, writer of John Woo’s A Better Tomorrow, the film opened at Number 1 at the Hong Kong Box Office and grossed $14.6m during its cinema release.
The Brasserie is a smash hit comedy shot in London and Hong Kong. Telling the story of a Bra Factory breaking tradition and hiring 2 men to run the Company with the impossible task of creating the worlds ultimate bra.

Co Produced with Amy Chin and Hing Ka Chan (John Woo’s writer and producer during the 1990’s) the film starred Louis Koo and Gigi Leung.

The film was a huge hit upon its release, opening at Number 1 and grossing $38m putting it in the Top 5 films in Asia of 2001.
The Truth Game is a hit film directed by Simon Rumley that tells the story of 6 friends and one night and the secrets they all have.

The film stared Stuart Laing, Paul Blackthorne and Selina Giles and premiered at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival before playing to cinematic success around the world.
Plato’s Breaking Point is a powerful crime thriller shot in London following 2 days with a petty criminal who gets in over his head.

Co Produced with Channel 4 the film was directed by Nigel Barker.
The Triad Zone is an explosive Crime Thriller shot in London and Hong Kong and starring Tony Leung and Sandra Ng.

The film was a hit in Asia upon its cinema release and is widely influential with its gritty realistic depiction of Triads in Hong Kong and London.
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